Common Sense Environmental, Inc.

An SBA, WBE Environmental Services Provider

Common Sense Environmental offers decades of experience offering consulting, testing, and evaluation for commercial, government, residential and industrial projects.

Common Sense Environmental offers practical and professional solutions to compliance with local, state, and federal requirements


Experience the fusion of expertise and experience with Common Sense Environmental.


Common Sense offers LSP and engineering services and is licensed throughout New England

Sampling Services

Common Sense conducts soil, groundwater, asbestos,mold,lead and air quality sampling with prompt and comprehensive reporting.

Environmental Oversight

Common Sense offers manufacturing, industrial, and site monitoring to maintain compliance with regulatory issues.

Project Management

Common Sense works with architects, engineers, and land managers to keep projects on time and on budget

Insurance Oversight

We provide professional and advisory services to claims adjusters and Insurance companies

Common Sense Environmental Inc. 38 Elm Street New Bedford, MA 02740; phone 508-858-5606